No. Project Name Client Year Remark(s)
1 Fasilitas Produksi Generik Hexpharm PT. Kalbe Farma Tbk. Under Construction
2 Medifarma Production Room Expansion PT. Darya-Varia Laboratoria Under Construction
3 Summarecon Villagio Food Court Interior Work - Phase 2 PT. Maha Karya Reksawarga Under Construction
4 Dhoho International Airport at Kediri, VVIP and Passenger Terminal Building Interior Fit Out PT. Surya Dhoho Investama Under Construction
5 Frisian Flag Pasar Rebo Plant Renovations PT. Frisian Flag Indonesia Under Construction
6 Gedung Pertemuan Gereja Presbiterian Bukit Sion Indonesia Gereja Presbiterian Bukit Sion Indonesia Under Construction
7 Summarecon Villagio Food Court - Interior PT. Maha Karya Reksawarga 2023 Completed
8 Summarecon Trevor Tower 3BR & Penthouse - Model Units Interior Fit Out KSO Summarecon Serpong 2023 Completed
9 Summarecon Trevor Tower Interior Lobby & Lounge KSO Summarecon Serpong 2022 Completed
10 Private Home @ Puri Indah Personal
11 Firmenich Raw Meat Reactor PT. Firmenich Aromatics Indonesia 2023 Completed
12 Asian Paints - RCC Concrete Road PT. Asian Paints Indonesia 2022 Completed
13 Asian Paints - 12K Mezzanine PT. Asian Paints Indonesia 2022 Completed
14 Givaudan QC Lab, Diesel Tank, FG Warehouse, and CIP Room PT. Givaudan Indonesia 2023 Completed
15 Terra Luna Villa at Canggu, Bali Personal 2022 Completed
16 Firmenich ACS Work at the Green Drying Building and Loading Dock Extensions PT. Firmenich Aromatics Indonesia 2022 Completed
17 Dankos Production Facility RTF at 2nd Storey Kav. 39 PT. Dankos Farma Under Construction
18 Gudang Garam Gempol - Perkuatan Lantai Penyetelan and Tangga Warehouse B & E PT. Gudang Garam Tbk. 2022 Completed
19 Gudang Garam PCR Labs, Multiple Locations PT. Gudang Garam Tbk. 2021 Completed
20 Givaudan Chimney Extension PT. Givaudan Indonesia 2021 Completed
21 Kimpton - 15 New Villas Interior Fit Out PT. Tanah Tinggi Nusa Dua Under Construction
22 Sanggar Kegiatan Belajar (SKB) Kediri PT. Surya Dhoho Investama 2021 Completed
23 Refurbishment of 32 Villas - Kimpton Nusa Dua PT. Tanah Tinggi Nusa Dua Under Construction
24 Renovation of Presidential Suites and Glass House of the Grand Hyatt Jakarta PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. 2021 Completed
25 Gudang Garam Clove Tank Unit IX PT. Gudang Garam Tbk. 2021 Completed
26 Hydrant Water Tank - Structural and Finishing Works PT. Firmenich Indonesia 2020 Completed
27 Royal Avila Lobby, Restaurant, and Hotel Block PT. Royal Avila 2022 Completed
28 Hotel Sama - Sama PT. Buana Raya Cemerlang 2020 Completed
29 Anantara Ubud - Interior Fitout to Guestrooms PT. Wika Realty Minor Development Under Construction
30 Cordlife Laboratory Renovation PT. Cordlife Persada 2019 Completed
31 Nestle RTD Karawang Factory - Enabling and Piling Package PT. Nestle Indonesia 2019 Completed
32 Raffles Bali 2BR Beachfront Villas and Beach Facility PT. Jimbaran Greenhill 2020 Completed
33 Rita Mall Wonosobo Bridge PT. Rita Ritelindo 2019 Completed
34 Sanghiang Perkasa Laboratory Renovation PT. Sanghiang Perkasa 2018 Completed
35 HDI Office Fitout PT. Harmoni Dinamik Indonesia 2018 Completed
36 Raffles Bali - Lobby Building PT. Jimbaran Greenhill 2020 Completed
37 GKI Puri Indah GKI Puri Indah 2019 Completed
38 St. Carolus Medical Building St. Carolus Foundation 2018 Completed
39 Syngenta R&D Building Refurbishment and Facilities Expansion PT. Syngenta Indonesia 2017 Completed
40 Sumire Interior & MEP Renovation PT. Plaza Indonesia Tbk. 2017 Completed
41 FDC Facility Renovation PT. Kimia Farma Tbk. 2017 Completed
42 New SGS Laboratory and Office PT. SGS Indonesia 2017 Completed
43 Etana Manufacturing Facilities - Phases 2 and 3 PT. Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia 2019 Completed
44 API Semarak Project PT. Asian Paints Indonesia 2017 Completed
45 Padma Legian Chalet Refurbishments PT. Puri Zuqni 2018 Completed
46 Gudang Garam Office 16th - 18th Floors Interior Fit-up PT. Gudang Garam Tbk. 2017 Completed
47 Combiphar Canteen and Sports Field PT. Combiphar 2017 Completed
48 Movenpick Resorts and Spa Jimbaran Bali - Guestroom Fit-Outs PT. Hotelindo Permata Jimbaran 2017 Completed
49 Covestro Technical Centre PT. Covestro Polymers Indonesia 2016 Completed
50 Etana Manufacturing Facilities - Phase 1 PT. Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia 2016 Completed
51 Bogor Senior Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre - Phase 2 PT. Karya Purna Sejahtera 2016 Completed
52 HD Indonesia Hive Menteng PT. Harmoni Dinamik Indonesia 2016 Completed
53 Bogor Senior Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre - Phase 1 PT. Karya Purna Sejahtera 2017 Completed
54 Padma Resort Ubud - Wing A Interior Fit-up PT. Puri Zuqni 2016 Completed
55 LAPI Production Building PT. LAPI Laboratories 2016 Completed
56 Raw Material Warehouse PT. Otsuka Indonesia 2015 Completed
57 The Residence ONFIVE at Grand Hyatt Jakarta PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. 2015 Completed
58 Harris Hotel Surabaya Interior Buildout PT. Saudara Sekawan Sejahtera 2015 Completed
59 Firmenich Pilot Plant PT. Firmenich Aromatics Indonesia 2015 Completed
60 Taisho Production Building Expansion PT. Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia 2015 Completed
61 La Moda Restaurant Renovation PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. 2015 Completed
62 Gudang Garam Apartments PT. Gudang Garam Tbk. 2014 Completed
63 Mockup Rooms at SOMERSET GRAND CITRA PT. Ciputra Liang Court 2014 Completed
64 Otsuka Finished Goods Warehouse PT. Otsuka Indonesia 2014 Completed
65 Bayer Depok Plant Production Building Remodel PT. Bayer Indonesia 2014 Completed
66 Yamazaki Food Factory PT. Yamazaki Indonesia 2014 Completed
67 Ascott Jakarta Refurbishment PT. Bumi Andhika Perkasa 2014 Completed
68 Givaudan Phoenix Project PT. Givaudan Indonesia 2014 Completed
69 METRO Dept. Store at The Park Mall Solo - Store Fixtures and Fittings PT. Metropolitan Retailmart 2013 Completed
70 Ballroom 89 at Ciputra World Surabaya PT. Pentas Indokreasi 2013 Completed
71 Nestle Lampung Warehouse and Production Building PT. Nestle Indonesia 2013 Completed
72 Harris Hotel Malang Ballroom and Prefunction Interior Fitout PT. Aloita Prima 2013 Completed
73 Gudang Garam Office Interior Buildout PT. Gudang Garam Tbk. 2013 Completed
74 Aqua Jakarta Reborn Project PT. Tirta Investama 2013 Completed
75 Ecco Sidoarjo Plant Expansion and Renovation PT. Ecco Tannery Indonesia 2013 Completed
76 Jakarta Plant Expansion Project II PT. Bayer Indonesia 2013 Completed
77 Structural Work for Dolphin Tanks at Samudra Dolphin Park PT. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol 2012 Completed
78 MSD Indonesia Packaging Facility PT. Schering Plough Indonesia 2012 Completed
79 METRO Dept. Store Ciputra World Surabaya - Store Fixtures and Fittings PT. Metropolitan Retailmart 2012 Completed
80 Egron-2 Project PT. Nestle Indonesia 2012 Completed
81 Otsuka SVP Facility PT. Otsuka Indonesia 2012 Completed
82 Mercure Jakarta Simatupang PT. Karya Propertindo Investama 2012 Completed
83 METRO Dept. Store Gandaria - Store Fixtures and Fittings PT. Metropolitan Retailmart 2011 Completed
84 Structural Repairs for Earthquake Damages at SOMERSET GRAND CITRA PT. Ciputra Liang Court 2011 Completed
85 GSK Pulogadung Refurbishment PT. Glaxo Wellcome Indonesia 2011 Completed
86 Warehouse 521 PT. Jasa Angkasa Semesta 2011 Completed
87 METRO Dept. Store Makassar - Store Fixtures and Fitttings PT. Metropolitan Retailmart 2010 Completed
88 Padma Resort Legian Interior Renovations PT. Puri Zuqni 2010 Completed
89 Flood Controls PT. Nestle Indonesia 2010 Completed
90 ERA Building, Filling, Packing, and Warehouse Expansion Project PT. Nestle Indonesia 2010 Completed
91 Warehouse and Front Facade Renovations PT. Yasulor Indonesia 2009 Completed
92 fX Sudirman PT. Plaza Lifestyle Prima 2009 Completed
93 eX Plaza Indonesia Extension Public Space Fitout PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. 2009 Completed
94 H. Usmar Ismail Film Centre Renewal PT. Prodas Perdana 2005 Completed
95 Grand Café Renovation PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. 2004 Completed
96 Sumire Kitchen Upgrade PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. 2003 Completed
97 Burgundy Bar PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. 2002 Completed
98 C's Steak and Seafood Restaurant PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. 2002 Completed
99 Boehringer Ingelheim Indonesia – Bogor Plant Upgrade PT. Boehringer Ingelheim 2002 Completed
100 Four Seasons Jakarta - Public Space Renovations PT. Permadani Khatulistiwa Nusantara 2002 Completed
101 Grand Hyatt Jakarta - Grand Ballroom and Meeting Rooms Renewal PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. 2000 Completed
102 Wartsila Factory and Office Buildings  PT. Wartsila NSD Indonesia 1997 Completed
103 Seriatama Office Building PT. Seriatama Indah 1996 Completed
104 Quest International - Flavours and Fragrances Factory PT. Quest International Indonesia 1995 Completed
105 Air Liquide Office Building and Filling Shed PT. Panagra Sentana GAS Indonesia 1995 Completed
106 Ibis Kemayoran Hotel (Structures and Finishes) PT. Asia Wisata Promosindo 1993 Completed
List of Projects


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