H. Usmar Ismail Film Centre Renewal

CLIENT : PT. Prodas Perdana
YEAR : 2005
CATEGORY : Commercial
DELIVERY METHOD : General Contracting


The building’s main feature is the 430-seat, 600-square-metre Usmar Ismail Hall, which is an auditorium hall used mainly for concerts, plays, or movies. Aside from a new design and layout, this renewal project also called for more stringent acoustic requirements. An acoustics expert had to be brought in to satisfy the new requirements. One of the primary objectives is to allow sound originated from the stage to be heard across the entire theatre loud and clear without having to use speakers.

The MEP systems of the building were also updated and the renewed building also features a prefunction space, a 140-square-metre multifunction room, and dressing rooms.

After multiple testing procedures, it was determined that loud noise generated from inside the theatre would not disturb the surrounding neighbours and vice versa.


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