Mandarin Oriental Hotel Upgrade

CLIENT : PT. Jaya Mandarin Agung
YEAR : 2009
ARCHITECT : Lim Teo Wilkes Design Works
CATEGORY : Hospitality
DELIVERY METHOD : General Contracting


Mandarin Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Jakarta. After 20 years of operation, in 2008, Mandarin Hotel hired Harjaguna to upgrade the building and its facilities.

The scope of work consisted of upgrading the MEP shafts, renovating the swimming pool and its pool deck, erecting the transfer floor canopies, renewing the ballroom, the meeting rooms, the parkade, and the back-of-house, transforming office space into apartment suites on 6th floor, updating the spa, business centre, the drop-off area, and the façade.


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